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: : Pacora River Early Alert System (SAT) : :

Why a SAT in the Pacora river basin?

The objective of the SAT is to alert the population with enough time in the case of hydrometeorological phenomena with high possibilities of bringing significant increases in the levels of water that could be higher than the river's banks. This is with the purpose of taking the needed precautions in advance, having as main vision, the prevention before the extreme hydrometeorological events.

Inauguration of the Early Alert System for the Pacora river (26-jun-09)

SAT Inauguration

The Pacora SAT consists of:

Pacora SAT

imnimetric Hydrologic station for the Pacora River "La Chapa"

Coordinates: 1022266.35 North, 693494.34 East, Elevation: 181.67 msnm

Hydrologic Station

Limnimetric Hydrologic station (radio SINAPROC) for the Pacora river "San Miguel"

Coordinates: 1020036.81 N 691755.75 E Elev.: 135.56 M.S.L

Limnimetric Hydrologic station for the Pacora river “San Miguel”

During Limnimeters installation

Limnimeters installation

Hydrological Satellite station with pressure sensor for the Pacora River “Carriazo”

Coordinates: 1017160.00 N 693310.86 E Elev.: 121.66 M. S. L.

Hydrological Satellite station with pressure sensor for the Pacora River “Carriazo”

Hydrological Satellite station (Carriazo)
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Hydrological Satellite station (Carriazo)
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