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95 Conventional Climatological Meteorological Stations (Mechanical) attended daily by qualified meteorological observators to take the readings of the different instruments that measure rain, temperature, air relative humidity and evaporation. Besides, the wind speed and direction and solar shine data are made into graphics. (1)

43Type A Automatic Meteorological stations with "in site" information search, with the ability to communicate in real time in the future. They measure precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, bursts, wind speed with its direction.(2)

13 Type A Automatic Meteorological station with real time Satellite Transmission provided by digital sensors with the ability of modifying the communication. (3)


(1) Convencionales

Digital Rain Gauge

(2) Digital Rain Gauge

Multisensor Station

(2) Multisensor Station

Satellite Automatic

(3) Satellite Automatic

Storage Unit

Storage Unit


34 Conventional hydrological stations (mechanical).

22 Automatic Hydrological stations that count with digital recorders with in site data search capabilities.

8 Automatic Hydrological stations with satellite transmission, two of these operate inside the Pacora an Cabra SAT.

Hydrological Stations
Hydrometeorological Stations (Total = 215)
Meteorological Hydrological
Type A 5 Limnigraphical 34
Type B 20 Limnigraphical 0
Type A Automatic 21 Automatic 22
Type A Satellite Automatic 13 Satellite Automatic 8
Rain Cans 3    
Rain Gauges 67    
Automatic Rain Gauges 22    
Total 151 Total 64
Conventionals 95 (63%) Conventionals 34 (53%)
Automatic 56 (37%) Automatic 30 (47%)

Hydrometeorological Data Transmission System through the American Satellite GOES 12

Hydrometeorological Data Transmission System

Hidromet ETESA Communication Network

Hidromet ETESA Communication Network
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