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: : Mission & Vision : :

Extend, operate and maintain the meteorological and hydrological observation network, that allows to obtain the information, process it and put it at disposition of all sectors, to obtain sustainable development of the natural resources in Panama.

Help guarantee the security and protection of human lives, the environment, the organized development of agriculture, of the hydric resources, of electric energy, of marine resources, of aereal and maritime navigation, of ground transportation, of construction, of industry, of health, of recreational activities, of tourism and the climate and hydrological characterization of the country's regions.

Represent Panama before the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and before all other international organisms related with the hydrologic and meteorological activities.


To be at the same level than more advanced countries regarding real or present time forecasts, and in the knowledge of the climate change and its consequences, to guarantee a sustained and planned development in full harmony with the environment.

Provide Panama with the technological tools to promote the knowledge of the country's Meteorology and Hydrology and the prepared replacement human, scientific, professional and technical resources with ethical commitment that guarantees eficiency, quality, productivity, honesty and self-improvement spirit.

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